About Dessy Levinson
Stories that transport. Images that remain.

Driven by a persistent desire to understand our world and the humans in it, I’ve been a tireless student of narrative, diving deep into subjects as disparate as psychology, physics, social anthropology, mythology, and market strategy.

In the process, I’ve learned that story is never one-dimensional. Words and images matter; the relationship between them, even more so. Communication is about connection and neither telling nor hearing a good story is possible without being open to transformation.

Now, after sixteen years of directing digital marketing initiatives (including Colgate Palmolive, Gerber, Century 21, Mall of America, Wizard World,  A&E, as well as grass-roots viral campaigns in entertainment), I use the power of story to assist visionary founders to scale and transform their businesses.

These days, I’m a multi-disciplinary storyteller and investor who assists early-stage startups in creating memorable stories for competitive investment rounds, customer acquisition, product launches, and hiring. I work full time as a Vice President and Head of Story at 645 Ventures, a premier seed-to-Series A venture capital firm located in New York City.

I specialize in nascent technology investments, including VR/AR, Machine Learning, and Machine Vision. I also use everything I’ve got to help our portfolio companies tell the most memorable, worthwhile stories possible.

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• Branding
• Website Development
• Presentation Design
• Collateral Design


• Brand Voice & Story
• Presentations
• Marketing Content
• Social Media Engagement


• Fundraising Preparation
• Monetization
• Market Analysis
• Competitive Positioning